Paranormal or Science?

I know a lot of people don’t believe in the paranormal, because they say there is no proof. And the proof they do have they can find an explanation. I mean I understand where they are coming from most of the time yes you can find an explanation for what you hear or see, but there are a few occasions where even scientist can’t explain.  Yet they still have an excuse for it. I guess some people just can’t be open minded to just believe maybe there is something else out there.

Growing up I was always fascinated by the paranormal. My mom was always nervous how much I wanted to learn and watch about it. Whenever I even tried to talk to her about ghost or what not she would just tell me she didn’t want to hear it, so did my sister. Later on I found out it was because they where scared. That they had always been nervous about my obsession.

When I was fourteen I came across the show “Ghost Hunters”. I instantly became obsessed. I loved the fact that they weren’t like the other paranormal shows. They tried to find the answers to the noises or what they saw. It was different from the other shows where even the littlest of sound they said it was haunted, and you could tell they where fake. I loved watching the other shows, but I just loved the fact that “Ghost Hunters” always debunked a lot yet still found evidence.

When I was little I had a few experiences. I grew up in a house that I never felt save in. Not because of a bad lifestyle, because I had parents who loved me and made sure I knew it. But it was because whenever I was alone I felt like someone was watching me at all time and it was not the best feelings. When ever I was sick with a temperature I had the same nightmare. Where there was a guy waiting for me in the bathroom of our hallway. He had shoulder length red hair, but I could never remember what his face looked like.  He would have a knife and once I walked by the bathroom he would walk behind me and try to stab me. I would run to the house that was down the road (which come to find out it was the original house when there was only farm land) and these two old ladies would open the door and try to help me. The guy would show up and I found out they where his aunts. He would always find me in different places, but not matter what when he stabbed me I would wake up. The nightmare felt so real, and it always scared me because he was in the bathroom that my sister and I always felt uneasy about.

Ever since I was little I saw a little girl that she would come to me at night whenever I was feeling scared or nervous. She woulds just stand at my door way and look at me. Sometimes she had a teddy bear with her.  She had her hair in two ponytails and they where curly, and wearing a Victorian style dress. Whenever she would show up I felt calm and safe. I would tell my parents about her and my mom just shoved it to the side and told me to stop. Later on I found out when I was little I would always be talking to myself. She thought it was just an imaginary friend. When I got a little older around five and six, she said I was still talking to myself. She asked me who I was talking to and I told her it was a little girl and I described what she looked like. My mom just thought it was my imagination or that my maturity level was growing slowly with me being premature. Once I was in my teens and still talking about the little girl my mom and sister started getting nervous.

My family decided to move out of town and into the country I was twenty-one years old.  We had pretty much everything moves into the new house or pack. My father was sleeping on the sofa, and my mom and I in their bed. My mom woke up in the middle of the night to some whispering. When she looked over at me she saw two kids a boy and a girl, and two shadow figures the height of a child. She closed and opened her eyes and the two shadow kids where gone, but the little girl and boy stayed. She grabbed my arm and said my name. The boy whispered to the girl and they looked sad. The little girl had a teddy bear in her arms. My mom said she closed her eyes pulled me closer when she opened back up the boy was gone and the girl just looked at my mom did a smirk, but still looked sad then she faded away. The next morning my mom told us what she experienced. She described whats they two kids looked like. My sister and I both just looked at her shocked. Apparently my sister saw a little boy looked at me when I was a baby in my crib, and a few times when we where little. The little girl was my Victorian girl. Of course my sister did a bunch of research and we came up with a few theories, but we still don’t have an explanation for it.

For a couple of months we kept going back to the house to get more boxes we left behind. One day my sister and mom went alone, and they both said they had a weird feeling. Well my mom left her sunglasses on the old kitchen table, then they went to the bathroom (the one my sister and I didn’t like). The shut the door to look in the mirror. They said they heard footsteps running around and little children giggling.  They grabbed what they needed and started to rush a little to leave, but when they where leaving they couldn’t find my mothers sunglasses. They looked all around when my sister noticed the box in the hallway was a little opened. When she opened it needless to say there they where. After that day neither of them really wanted to go back.

My boyfriend doesn’t believe in the paranormal. He believes that everything has a reason. There are a few people who have told me that it couldn’t have been ghost, and that we just imagined it. If that was true how did we all have our own experiences. Even my dad witnessed a few of his own experiences.

My sister thinks that I’m connected to the paranormal, because when my mom was pregnant with me she had an outer body experience.  Her sugar went low and she felt herself come out of her body and was looking down at herself. Because of this my sister believes I draw the ghost to me, and with my obsessed with the paranormal.  A few other things have happened to me growing up that has made me believe. So I know you may not, but for me I can’t help but believe. I know there are a lot of fake evidence when it comes to paranormal. Just because I believe doesn’t mean I that everything I see online or on TV I believe to be true.

If you don’t believe that’s fine, I’m not trying to force you too. But before you try to convince someone not too, why don’t you try to listen to why they believe in the first place instead of just thinking your the one in the right. The truth is no one really knows if they are real or not. There will always be a debate on if or if not, and no one will win when both parties believe they have proof. You may be right, but what if they are?

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