Living with a scare…

Ever since I just puberty something always felt off. I always had little stomach pains, didn’t feel like eating (but yet slowly gaining weight), and felt nausea in the mornings. When I had my monthly visit it felt as if someone was stabbing me and taking the knife going down. Once I was in high school it got a little worse, and after graduating I looked as if I was right months pregnant. My mom would take me to the doctors and all they would say was I just had a heavy menstrual cycle. It was so mad that twice once in middle school then in had it for six weeks straight. They said I just had irregular periods.

About almost two years ago, I started getting sick one night. It started with just not being able to use the bathroom and feeling constipated to all of a sudden feeling sick with sharp pains on my sides. My parents and sister thought maybe Kinsey stones, so my sister rushed me to the ER. When we got there I had lost my color and I was in so much pain I kept throwing up. They gave me medicine for the pain, but a weak one thinking it was just kidney stones as well. The doctors and nurses kept asking me if I was pregnant. I don’t them know, but they still make me do the test. When it came back negative (which I knew it would)  The sent me to get a scan done. It was three o’clock in the morning so of course they weren’t to excited to be up, but after they did the scan the guy helped me up and onto the stretcher. He told me “Hope you get better soon” and looked nervous.

When the doctor came back in he looked at us nervously. He showed us the scan, and there was a huge mass. He said that it looked clear and smooth. That they where ninety percent sure it was not cancer, but I had to have an emergency surgery. And the doctor doing it was a cancer doctor. They told us the only reason they wanted the doctor to do it was because how big it was.

They started getting me ready for the operation, when the doctor came in to tell me what the risks where. He said there was a chance of a Oopherectomy. Which of course made me upset, because I always dreamed of having kids. He said he was hoping for the best and that he hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Once I woke up and they had me in my room the doctor came in to talk to us. He said that they had to do a partial Oopherectomy, but he assured me I would still be able to have children it would just take a little longer and harder. He told me he drained six liters of fluid. When they weighed me that night I had lost ten pounds, but the time of my follow-up I lost thirty-three pounds within ten days.

When we went it for my follow-up they told me that they still didn’t have all the answers, but that it was not cancer. They said my Fallopian tube had twister, and that there has only been a few cases like mine. They went on and told me how other cases unlike mine the people had an infection. They went on and told me that it looked as if my tube was twister for a long time, maybe was even born with it already like that. And that all of my problems where from that. It’s weird to know that for years I lived with that pain, and the doctors never caught it. I kept telling them how I felt and that something wasn’t right, yet none of them thought to check.

Ever since the surgery everything seems different. I don’t have the pain in my stomach anymore, and during my monthly visits I still have pain but no where near how they where before. I still have the nauseous in the morning, but a lot better then before.  I started having an appetite. It just seems like night to day.

I wouldn’t wish what happened to me on anyone. To have something this server and not know it. To know something is wrong, but can’t do anything. Because you don’t even know what’s wrong.

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