Okay so I’m always hearing people shaming others. It doesn’t matter if they are skinny or fat, but what’s the reason? I mean why do you have to talk or make fun of others? I just don’t understand. People are built the way they are, and some people feel good with how they look. By body shaming you’re not helping them you are just making things worse. I don’t care if you believe you are helping them, the truth is your just being a jerk and probably feel insecure about your own self.

Now with that being said, no I’m not saying being so over weight is ok. Or that being super skinny is healthy, but most likely the person knows this and already feels bad about how they look. There is no need to make them feel worse then they already do. Instead why don’t you try encouraging or helping them. Or better yet listen to them to understand and learn why they are obese or to skinny. Maybe they have a health issue or maybe they are depressed. You never truly know whats going on in someones life.

I’m obese, I’ve always struggled with my weight. When I was little I was to skinny, my parents where actually nervous because I wouldn’t eat and I was a stick. Then when I was in 2nd grade I had my tonsils taken out, and started gaining weight. Then I had an health issue which I’m not going to go into details, because I have already written a blog about it. So if you want to know you can go read that. But anyways, it was always hard for me to lose weight. I Was hardly eating but yet just steadily gaining. I’ve heard other stories where people just couldn’t gain or lose weight no matter how hard they tried.

I’m the type of person that it does not matter if I’m eating healthy or trying to watch what I put in my body I will not lose weight unless I workout. I’m always cleaning the house and running around staying busy, so I haven’t gained any but haven’t lost. I know I’m over weight, but you want to know what I’m happy. I know that I’m trying and It doesn’t matter if you try to fat shame me and tell me how fat I am.

I also have friends that no matter what they try or do, they can not gain weight. They get shamed just as much as over weight people. They are called anorexic, and are told they look like a skeleton (as if they don’t already know this). They always complain about how they wish they could gain weight, but some actually have health problems that are stopping them from doing so.  Or they just have fast metabolism which they eat a lot, but still nothing.

I feel like the people who love to put others down, they are just insecure about their own bodies. Or just hate themselves so much they feel the need to put others down.  I will admit I’m not innocent. I’ve looked at people and judged them right away, but then I stop and think about it. But I never judge someone on how skinny or big they are.

If you hate someone so much you have to make fun or shame them on how they look. Maybe you should look in the mirror, because I know you may look perfect on the outside, but on the inside you are the ugly one not them. I’m sorry if you feel differently. But you have no right to put someone else down or take pictures to put online and bully them. I don’t care what you think you believe, its wrong. If you feel I’m wrong and don’t agree with me I’m sorry, but this is how I feel.

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