A journey to a better me.

First I want to start by saying how sorry I am for not blogging in a very long time…

Second, I’ve decided to start a journal for my weight loss journey…so here we go.

Okay, so recently I’ve decided to become healthier. I started my journey about 5 weeks ago which for the first time it’s been pretty easy for the most part. I’m not saying its the easiest thingĀ  to do. I’ve had my hard days, but so far it hasn’t been that hard.

Not only am I working out more and eating healthier I’ve also been doing slim fast. Now I know a lot of people don’t agree with diets or products such as slim fast etc… But it’s helped me a lot. With that being said, no I’m not going to stay with it. Once I get to my middle goal weight, I’m going to stop. I’m also calorie counting so once I stop I’ll still be staying with in my calories.

When I go out to eat 90 percent of the time I pick the healthier choices, but sometimes yes I cheat. Which it seems like to me it helps me when I’m stuck and can’t seem to lose anything. Even my snacks are mostly vegetables. It’s hard when I see someone eating something I like, but I know its not good for me. But it’s been easier this time. My cravings are still there, but not to bad. I can usually fight it by drinking water.

When I go to the gym before it was hard for me to stay motivated, this time around I look forward to getting up and going. When I’m there I usually watch dance videos haha (mostly Rumer Noel and The Williams Fam) or I watch Netflix. It makes the time go by way faster then just listening to music, even though I usually have up beat and dance music when I do listen to it. Which is why I’ve set one of my goals as when I get down to a size 14 I’m going to take Hip Hop dance classes. I’ve always wanted to do dance, but recently I can’t seem to stop watching Hip Hop. Which helps a lot to not concentrate on how tired I am which working out when I’m watching the videos.

Setting goals is one of the ways I’m staying motivated. I’ve made a few small goals with rewards.


  1. Size 14 take hip hop dance classes.
  2. Size 12 get the industrial piercing I’ve always wanted (but been scared to get)
  3. Size 10 get laser hair removal done to my legs.
  4. Size 8 get a tattoo (which I’ve wanted to do for a while, but also scared to get)

I know its going to be a long journey, but it will be worth it. there will be ups and downs, but I’m determined to become a healthier and better me. I hope you all will follow me on my journey. I want to become a part of a community, so we can support and help each other to reach our goals.

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