Public relationship

Why is it so important for people to get involved in others relationships? Why do They have to put their opinion? Isn’t a relationship between two people, not their fan? I mean I understand when family and friends get involved if they see their loved one hurt or upset, but why the fans….

Recently there where two YouTubers who one is actually the YouTuber I talked about before. Her and her boyfriend who is another YouTuber / artist just broke up. Yes what he did was wrong, and no I’m not defending him. What I don’t understand is it’s their business not ours. In my opinion she should have just kept it to themselves and not on social media. Yes I understand their relationship was public, but all you had to do was post that you are not together anymore, not all the details. If you absolutely felt like you had to tell your fans just say he cheated, the end. There was no need to go into details talking about what he did and how he did it. I’m not saying I don’t feel bad for her, because I do. No one should ever have to go through that. All I’m saying is she shouldn’t have been so open about it. I know she’s hurting I know she wants to let everyone know, but wait until you’ve healed.

When you make your relationship public you should have known that your fans would get involved even though I don’t agree with it. You should be more careful about what you say or what you do.  I mean I agree for the fans to say “They are sorry” or “He’s a jerk” etc. But don’t attack the other person. You don’t know them personally don’t get so involved in their lives. I believe the people who are actually in their lives have the right not the fans.

Theses are a few things I want to say to all three parties.

To her, I do feel bad for you. I know what you’re going through is heart breaking. You say it’s going to be heard for you to trust people , but don’t let him do that to you. You will find someone who is good enough for you. Some one who won’t hurt you or cheat on you.

To him, what you did was wrong. If you didn’t want to be with her you should have just told her instead of cheating. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t want to hurt her like you said, but think about it look how much worse it is now.

To the fans, please just leave them alone. I know what he did was wrong, but come on no matter what you say to him it’s not going to change what he did. And how he’s been acting it seems like its not affecting him so just stop already. Let them handle this on their own. Let their loved ones take care of it not you. It’ll most likely be better that way and be more effective then you harassing him.


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