Paranormal or Science?

I know a lot of people don’t believe in the paranormal, because they say there is no proof. And the proof they do have they can find an explanation. I mean I understand where they are coming from most of the time yes you can find an explanation for what you hear or see, but there are a few occasions where even scientist can’t explain.  Yet they still have an excuse for it. I guess some people just can’t be open minded to just believe maybe there is something else out there.

Growing up I was always fascinated by the paranormal. My mom was always nervous how much I wanted to learn and watch about it. Whenever I even tried to talk to her about ghost or what not she would just tell me she didn’t want to hear it, so did my sister. Later on I found out it was because they where scared. That they had always been nervous about my obsession.

When I was fourteen I came across the show “Ghost Hunters”. I instantly became obsessed. I loved the fact that they weren’t like the other paranormal shows. They tried to find the answers to the noises or what they saw. It was different from the other shows where even the littlest of sound they said it was haunted, and you could tell they where fake. I loved watching the other shows, but I just loved the fact that “Ghost Hunters” always debunked a lot yet still found evidence.

When I was little I had a few experiences. I grew up in a house that I never felt save in. Not because of a bad lifestyle, because I had parents who loved me and made sure I knew it. But it was because whenever I was alone I felt like someone was watching me at all time and it was not the best feelings. When ever I was sick with a temperature I had the same nightmare. Where there was a guy waiting for me in the bathroom of our hallway. He had shoulder length red hair, but I could never remember what his face looked like.  He would have a knife and once I walked by the bathroom he would walk behind me and try to stab me. I would run to the house that was down the road (which come to find out it was the original house when there was only farm land) and these two old ladies would open the door and try to help me. The guy would show up and I found out they where his aunts. He would always find me in different places, but not matter what when he stabbed me I would wake up. The nightmare felt so real, and it always scared me because he was in the bathroom that my sister and I always felt uneasy about.

Ever since I was little I saw a little girl that she would come to me at night whenever I was feeling scared or nervous. She woulds just stand at my door way and look at me. Sometimes she had a teddy bear with her.  She had her hair in two ponytails and they where curly, and wearing a Victorian style dress. Whenever she would show up I felt calm and safe. I would tell my parents about her and my mom just shoved it to the side and told me to stop. Later on I found out when I was little I would always be talking to myself. She thought it was just an imaginary friend. When I got a little older around five and six, she said I was still talking to myself. She asked me who I was talking to and I told her it was a little girl and I described what she looked like. My mom just thought it was my imagination or that my maturity level was growing slowly with me being premature. Once I was in my teens and still talking about the little girl my mom and sister started getting nervous.

My family decided to move out of town and into the country I was twenty-one years old.  We had pretty much everything moves into the new house or pack. My father was sleeping on the sofa, and my mom and I in their bed. My mom woke up in the middle of the night to some whispering. When she looked over at me she saw two kids a boy and a girl, and two shadow figures the height of a child. She closed and opened her eyes and the two shadow kids where gone, but the little girl and boy stayed. She grabbed my arm and said my name. The boy whispered to the girl and they looked sad. The little girl had a teddy bear in her arms. My mom said she closed her eyes pulled me closer when she opened back up the boy was gone and the girl just looked at my mom did a smirk, but still looked sad then she faded away. The next morning my mom told us what she experienced. She described whats they two kids looked like. My sister and I both just looked at her shocked. Apparently my sister saw a little boy looked at me when I was a baby in my crib, and a few times when we where little. The little girl was my Victorian girl. Of course my sister did a bunch of research and we came up with a few theories, but we still don’t have an explanation for it.

For a couple of months we kept going back to the house to get more boxes we left behind. One day my sister and mom went alone, and they both said they had a weird feeling. Well my mom left her sunglasses on the old kitchen table, then they went to the bathroom (the one my sister and I didn’t like). The shut the door to look in the mirror. They said they heard footsteps running around and little children giggling.  They grabbed what they needed and started to rush a little to leave, but when they where leaving they couldn’t find my mothers sunglasses. They looked all around when my sister noticed the box in the hallway was a little opened. When she opened it needless to say there they where. After that day neither of them really wanted to go back.

My boyfriend doesn’t believe in the paranormal. He believes that everything has a reason. There are a few people who have told me that it couldn’t have been ghost, and that we just imagined it. If that was true how did we all have our own experiences. Even my dad witnessed a few of his own experiences.

My sister thinks that I’m connected to the paranormal, because when my mom was pregnant with me she had an outer body experience.  Her sugar went low and she felt herself come out of her body and was looking down at herself. Because of this my sister believes I draw the ghost to me, and with my obsessed with the paranormal.  A few other things have happened to me growing up that has made me believe. So I know you may not, but for me I can’t help but believe. I know there are a lot of fake evidence when it comes to paranormal. Just because I believe doesn’t mean I that everything I see online or on TV I believe to be true.

If you don’t believe that’s fine, I’m not trying to force you too. But before you try to convince someone not too, why don’t you try to listen to why they believe in the first place instead of just thinking your the one in the right. The truth is no one really knows if they are real or not. There will always be a debate on if or if not, and no one will win when both parties believe they have proof. You may be right, but what if they are?



Okay so I’m always hearing people shaming others. It doesn’t matter if they are skinny or fat, but what’s the reason? I mean why do you have to talk or make fun of others? I just don’t understand. People are built the way they are, and some people feel good with how they look. By body shaming you’re not helping them you are just making things worse. I don’t care if you believe you are helping them, the truth is your just being a jerk and probably feel insecure about your own self.

Now with that being said, no I’m not saying being so over weight is ok. Or that being super skinny is healthy, but most likely the person knows this and already feels bad about how they look. There is no need to make them feel worse then they already do. Instead why don’t you try encouraging or helping them. Or better yet listen to them to understand and learn why they are obese or to skinny. Maybe they have a health issue or maybe they are depressed. You never truly know whats going on in someones life.

I’m obese, I’ve always struggled with my weight. When I was little I was to skinny, my parents where actually nervous because I wouldn’t eat and I was a stick. Then when I was in 2nd grade I had my tonsils taken out, and started gaining weight. Then I had an health issue which I’m not going to go into details, because I have already written a blog about it. So if you want to know you can go read that. But anyways, it was always hard for me to lose weight. I Was hardly eating but yet just steadily gaining. I’ve heard other stories where people just couldn’t gain or lose weight no matter how hard they tried.

I’m the type of person that it does not matter if I’m eating healthy or trying to watch what I put in my body I will not lose weight unless I workout. I’m always cleaning the house and running around staying busy, so I haven’t gained any but haven’t lost. I know I’m over weight, but you want to know what I’m happy. I know that I’m trying and It doesn’t matter if you try to fat shame me and tell me how fat I am.

I also have friends that no matter what they try or do, they can not gain weight. They get shamed just as much as over weight people. They are called anorexic, and are told they look like a skeleton (as if they don’t already know this). They always complain about how they wish they could gain weight, but some actually have health problems that are stopping them from doing so.  Or they just have fast metabolism which they eat a lot, but still nothing.

I feel like the people who love to put others down, they are just insecure about their own bodies. Or just hate themselves so much they feel the need to put others down.  I will admit I’m not innocent. I’ve looked at people and judged them right away, but then I stop and think about it. But I never judge someone on how skinny or big they are.

If you hate someone so much you have to make fun or shame them on how they look. Maybe you should look in the mirror, because I know you may look perfect on the outside, but on the inside you are the ugly one not them. I’m sorry if you feel differently. But you have no right to put someone else down or take pictures to put online and bully them. I don’t care what you think you believe, its wrong. If you feel I’m wrong and don’t agree with me I’m sorry, but this is how I feel.

Living with a scare…

Ever since I just puberty something always felt off. I always had little stomach pains, didn’t feel like eating (but yet slowly gaining weight), and felt nausea in the mornings. When I had my monthly visit it felt as if someone was stabbing me and taking the knife going down. Once I was in high school it got a little worse, and after graduating I looked as if I was right months pregnant. My mom would take me to the doctors and all they would say was I just had a heavy menstrual cycle. It was so mad that twice once in middle school then in had it for six weeks straight. They said I just had irregular periods.

About almost two years ago, I started getting sick one night. It started with just not being able to use the bathroom and feeling constipated to all of a sudden feeling sick with sharp pains on my sides. My parents and sister thought maybe Kinsey stones, so my sister rushed me to the ER. When we got there I had lost my color and I was in so much pain I kept throwing up. They gave me medicine for the pain, but a weak one thinking it was just kidney stones as well. The doctors and nurses kept asking me if I was pregnant. I don’t them know, but they still make me do the test. When it came back negative (which I knew it would)  The sent me to get a scan done. It was three o’clock in the morning so of course they weren’t to excited to be up, but after they did the scan the guy helped me up and onto the stretcher. He told me “Hope you get better soon” and looked nervous.

When the doctor came back in he looked at us nervously. He showed us the scan, and there was a huge mass. He said that it looked clear and smooth. That they where ninety percent sure it was not cancer, but I had to have an emergency surgery. And the doctor doing it was a cancer doctor. They told us the only reason they wanted the doctor to do it was because how big it was.

They started getting me ready for the operation, when the doctor came in to tell me what the risks where. He said there was a chance of a Oopherectomy. Which of course made me upset, because I always dreamed of having kids. He said he was hoping for the best and that he hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Once I woke up and they had me in my room the doctor came in to talk to us. He said that they had to do a partial Oopherectomy, but he assured me I would still be able to have children it would just take a little longer and harder. He told me he drained six liters of fluid. When they weighed me that night I had lost ten pounds, but the time of my follow-up I lost thirty-three pounds within ten days.

When we went it for my follow-up they told me that they still didn’t have all the answers, but that it was not cancer. They said my Fallopian tube had twister, and that there has only been a few cases like mine. They went on and told me how other cases unlike mine the people had an infection. They went on and told me that it looked as if my tube was twister for a long time, maybe was even born with it already like that. And that all of my problems where from that. It’s weird to know that for years I lived with that pain, and the doctors never caught it. I kept telling them how I felt and that something wasn’t right, yet none of them thought to check.

Ever since the surgery everything seems different. I don’t have the pain in my stomach anymore, and during my monthly visits I still have pain but no where near how they where before. I still have the nauseous in the morning, but a lot better then before.  I started having an appetite. It just seems like night to day.

I wouldn’t wish what happened to me on anyone. To have something this server and not know it. To know something is wrong, but can’t do anything. Because you don’t even know what’s wrong.

which layers? New Hair cut!

Does anyone else get excited when they go for a hair cut? This weekend I’m going to my hair cutter to chop off fourteen inches off, and get a new hair style. I’ve had the same look for two years, but when it grows to my butt I always cut it off and give it to Locks Of Love. I’ve always just kept it the same though just cut it off until my shoulders.

Well this time I’m not cutting it that short, but I’ve decided to get extreme layers. I’m super excited and can’t wait, but also nervous. I’ve had layers before but none that you could notice, but this time you will (hopefully). I’m not the type of person to dye or do crazy things with my hair. I love my hair color and I like having medium to long hair length. So to try and do extreme layers some people probably think I’m crazy, because its nothing that crazy or exciting to them.

I have two friends who they love to do different things to their hair. One loves to change her hair color, and the other loves to do different hair styles. But for me I just never thought it would look go on me so never did. Even though I’ve always dreamed of having dark red hair. Like Hayley Williams 2005 red, but I’ll most likely never do it.

I’m nervous to do do the layers, because I don’t know if they’ll look good on me. I’ll probably have to straighten my hair every day. As I’ve said before in a past blog, I have frizzy hair, plus wavy. With cutting a lot off, it make become curly and a poof ball. which then I think to myself “Well I could just straighten it”. My hair will be shorter so it’s not like there will be so much. Other then the fact I have think hair. My hair may look shinier and healthy once again so maybe it won’t look bad, right?

I’ve been looking through so many pictures of long length layers, and I’ve come across two that I love but can’t decide between the two.

Which one should I do? or if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear it.

Hello Fall

Do have a season you love so much that you super excited when it gets close, and upset when its over? Well mine is fall. I get so happy when it gets closer. With that being said I decided to make a blog listing my top ten reasons I love Autumn.


Falling leaves


It’s just so pretty and eery at the same time. I love the different colors that they turn to. But if you go to the woods or drive down a long country drive way it looks eery, and I love it.


Hoodie weather!


If you met anyone who knows me they will tell you I love hoodies. I had one VCU hoodie I got in ninth grade, and just last year I gave it up for retirement. It got to the point it was having surgery on top of surgery ( it was a sad moment for me to officially stop wearing it). Then my boyfriend got me new hoodie from a theme park we went to, and now my dad got me Hocus Pocus hoodie! Which leads to number .three..


Hocus Pocus!!!


I mean seriously who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus, and if you haven’t watched you its a must! I’ve been in love with this movie since I was little. it came out when I was three, and have been watching it five times a year every since 🙂




Even though I don’t trick or treat or pass out candy (because I’m working) I love Halloween. I love seeing parents dress their little toddlers, and taking them out it’s so cute. Plus I love being able to dress up (kind of) for work, and also having an excuse to spray my hair black which is my favorite color.


Hot Apple Cider


I know not everyone likes apple cider, but I do. It taste so good. I mean its just apple juice but warm, and apple juice is amazing! At least I think so.




Even though I don’t go to a lot of bonfires, I love the smell of burning wood. Plus it looks so pretty. Being out side and smelling someone doing a bonfire, or fire place it smells so good.


Hot Chocolate 🙂


I mean I know you can have hot chocolate any time of the year, but doesn’t it feel so nice to sit down on a cold night cuddling with a blanket watching movies with a hot chocolate with marshmallows? It just makes it taste just that much better.


Dark Colors


So I’m the type of person that wears and loves dark colors. Black, dark red, silver, and royal purple are my favorite colors. I wear them all year love, but it seems like most people like to wear them during fall and winter. I paint my nails only two colors black or purple, and I always have people judging me for it. Do I care nope, but it is nice having a few months where no one asks me why.


Colder weather


The cool nights and rainy days yes please. People never understand how I love rainy days during fall and winter. I mean summer and spring there’s to much humidity when it rains, but fall it’s just cold and gloomy. It’s always pretty, but its just that much better when its colder outside.


Time for Boots


I know some people wear boots all year long, but I’m not one of them. I would love to, but I love sandals way to much as well. I love wearing them though. I don’t like that tall ones, because I’m to short so it makes me look shorter. So I’ll just stick to the none high heels ankle length boots, and I’ll be happy.


Well that’s my top ten reasons I love fall. I would love to know what’s yours? Or your favorite season?

Social Media, different person?

Social Media…

Have you ever noticed how some people act differently on the internet then they do in person? Or how they make a bigger deal over social media then they do in person? Well recently I’ve noticed this about a Youtuber I was a fan of for about a year and a half or so. She came to my work (which apparently she’s been coming for a while). I didn’t know this because she was coming on the days I was not working.

One of the employees called us one night and told us that we might be getting a phone call from our boss. She told us what had happened, but didn’t tell us everything just that one of the other employees did something to a customer (which the employee apologized twice). We had a conversation with the employee and told her how she needed to handle situations. Well a week went by I hadn’t been on YouTube for a week or two, so I didn’t know about the video the YouTuber made about us until my friend told me about how someone made a video about what happened to her and sent me the link. When I saw it was her I had mixed emotions. One I was a fan so I got excited finding out she came to my hometown. Two after watching the video I got upset with the one employee who told us about the situation, because she didn’t tell us the whole story.

I wrote the YouTuber on Facebook, which she had listed on her YouTube video. I apologized and told her that we talked to our employees. I waited for a response and there was nothing. Two weeks went by when I saw her and her boyfriend at the theater. She didn’t say anything and I didn’t want to go up to her and say anything, because I already wrote here and if she wasn’t going to acknowledge that we tried to apologize there was no point in trying in person. I’m also a very awkward person so I didn’t want to make things worse. My father found out they came back and asked if she ever replied. I told him no, but sometimes people don’t always see messages on Facebook and with her being a Youtuber maybe she didn’t get to it yet. He made me look to see if there was any other way of contacting her. I told him lets just give it some more time that she would eventually see the message, but he told me he wanted me to find another way. So I looked on her video and found her Email (which is public by the way). I emailed her saying the same thing I said on Facebook.

Another two weeks or so went by, still no response. They came back, and my mother found out. She said they where nice and sweet, that they even joked around with her. Her boyfriend came out to get popcorn or what not. My mom told me to tell him she wanted to talk to him. She wanted to apologize in person. He was sweet and nice and my mom liked him. She said they didn’t act no where like they did in the video. That night she posted a video that she made before the movies. I was watching and got excited that she finally had her show coming out. When all of a sudden she made a comment about how they where coming back to the movie theater that they had the incident. She said how the manager somehow got her email and Facebook and wrote her.  As if she didn’t have it in her video description and made it seem like I was stalking her. I don’t know if she meant to sound like that, but it did. Of course I got a little upset, then she went on saying that I told her I was a fan, and that she didn’t believe it. Said I was trying to kiss up to her, which made me more mad then upset.

I don’t understand how if you’re trying to keep followers, why would you put someone down. You don’t know who is watching your videos, and you don’t know who’s going to be a fan or what not. I guess I’m not the kind of person who acts differently over the internet, so I’ll never understand. What I write or say on social media is the same things I say or do in person.

I’ve debated on writing this post for a while. I was a fan and I loved her videos. I still watch her, but it just doesn’t feel the same anymore after seeing how she is. Seeing how she made a bigger deal then what it was. I mean I know what happened was wrong, and it was a big deal. The thing is a few things have come out about that night, and not everything she said was true. I know everyone has their own sides, but its funny how she made it seem like no one apologized when the lady who started it apologized twice. And how she made it seem like I was trying to kiss her butt, when I wasn’t I didn’t even want to write her the second time. And maybe if she actually was that upset I know I would have felt happy that the manager or owner of the place I had a bad experience in tried to reach out to me. She did go on and say that she was thankful that we wrote her, but if you where so thankful why try to put the person down before you finally said it?

Day 1: Becoming healthy

Has anyone else struggled with their weight? I know I have. I’ve always struggled with my weight since I was little. No matter what diet I tried it never worked. I would lose a lot, then I gained twice as much…

Well I’ve decided to change my health and the way I try to lose weight. I’ve tried diets, pills, just eating salads, ect. This time around I’m going to just eat healthier, drink a lot of water, and work out. I’m going to watch what I put in my body, and how much. I’m also going to try to blog as much as I can with updates (like a journal) I’ve heard a lot of people say how writing down their progress and keeping a vlog or blog helped them stay determined.

Today I’m starting my weight loss journey (again). Even if I don’t lose a lot of weight, at least I know I’ll become way more healthier. I’m so tired of fighting with myself and how I look. I always act like I’m fine, when really I feel nervous when I have to do certain things or feel fat and ugly when I can’t wear something that I use to love.

I went through a health issue that I’ve been debating on talking about in my blog, but because of it I went through a long period where I couldn’t lose weight and when I did lose weight it made me look as if I was pregnant. Which all through high school I looked eight months pregnant. And less then two years ago I ended up in the hospital. I lose Thirty-three pounds in ten days after I had to have an emergency surgery. I thought I would be fine after, and hoped to lose a lot of weight. Instead I gained it all back. So now I’m going to be dedicated to making myself healthier.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and with both parents having health issues with diabetes. And my health issue I’ve had in the past. I don’t want to end up like my parents, at least not by choice. If I can help myself I am. I know most people want to lose just because they want to look sexy and skinny. I just want to be healthy, and make better choices.

If you have any suggestions of what I should do, or what tell me what has worked for you please feel free to comment.

Living with Frizzy

Are you the type of person with frizzy hair? Not dry or damaged, but just frizzy?

I’ve always had frizzy hair, no matter what I do it stays that way. When I was younger I washed my hair everyday. Then found out it was bad for you, so I started washing it every other day then every two days. My hair has become a little healthier. I use a hair mask when I wash, and use serums after. Then I heard about coconut oil. I started putting it in the night before I wash my hair. It has made my hair so much more healthier, but still frizzy.

My hair feels soft and healthy, but I hate that no matter what I do it looks like a lion. I sometimes straighten my hair, and it looks so nice. But I want to wear my natural wavy hair and love it.

Here is a list of everything I use in my hair…


Garnier Whole Blends Legendary Olive Shampoo and Conditioner.




L’oreal Total Repair Hair Mask.


Spring Valley Coconut Oil




Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Oil and Coco Butter




If you have any suggestions or other products that work better please feel free to comment.

I’m Done holding my tongue

I’m not the type of person that likes to get involved with the topic of racism, but recently I’ve had enough. I’ve been holding it in for a long time. Living in a small town and having a Spanish mother, I’ve seen and dealt with a few racism situations. In the past couple of years more then usual. I’ve always kept my mouth closed and just held my tongue.

My mother had always told me stories about how some people would treated her when she first moved here and after she married my father.  People would walk up to my dad ask what race my mother was. Or when she went to the store one time the lady didn’t want to except the check because it was under my dad’s name and didn’t believe she was his wife. One time when we went to look for a new mattress the guy was nice and friendly with me until my mother and aunt walked in. Then he instantly changed and refused to even talk to us to sale us a mattress.

I’ve always grown-up in the movie theater business. My grandfather owned the old Theater in my hometown, and my parents ran it. When I was little I never paid attention to how people acted towards my mother. She told me a few stories, but nothing was to bad. She would sometimes get upset because someone would say something too her about her accent, or they would say something to her.

We have been running the newer movie theater for the past almost 9 years, and it has become a lot worse. A few years ago when the second twilight movie came out a guy got so mad at my mom and hit the window and told her “to go back to her country” and through out the years she’s been called an terrorist and an al qaeda. She’s been called an Mexican ( since apparently people in my small hometown believe all people with an accent and tan skin must be Mexican).

People have asked me who is worse black or whites? And I always say honestly I can’t. White’s love to threaten you, and black’s love to play the race card. I’m not saying this is how it is everywhere.This is how it is where I live, and I’m not saying it’s everyone. I’ve had so many white people who believe they are better then the workers and who look at us up and down, and LOVE to complain. If they don’t get their way they always have to threaten that they are going to report us (which when they do the cops and owner knows we are doing our jobs). Then I’ve had younger black teenagers tell me I’m a racist all because we’ve had to kick them out for being loud and disrespectful to the people around them. Again I’m not saying it’s only black acting out. There are plenty of white teenagers that are just as disrespectful and have had to kick out, but when we tell them to leave they don’t make a big deal, they shut up and leave. No cops have to be involved and they don’t text their whole family to come to fuss and fight. Maybe one mother comes back, but guess what we treat them the same way!

I use to be a cheerful and outgoing person up until we took over the cinema. I was always told working at a theater would make you hate people, and it was true! I can’t stand people, I mean I give everyone a chance until they give me a reason and believe me they do.  Now I can’t stand to be around people, and I would rather just be alone and not deal with the drama or rudeness of people. I’m so sick and tired of all races.

The other night we had a sold out A show, which of course we had complaints. It was the same group we have always had problems with sneaking in to rated R movies, talking back and being disrespectful, being loud, and using their phones during the movie. Last time they where in there we pulled them aside and warned them if we got one more complaint they would be thrown out and never allowed back in. Well needless to say when we got the complaint my dad went in and told them to come with him. Another teenager with attitude pushed up against him and called him an “MF racist” my dad turned to him and told him”you know what you’re out as well”. The wouldn’t listen so he called the cops…shocker! The cops told the kids to leave and to not come back, and they gave the cops attitude. Well an hour or so went by the movie was over.  A lady came up to me and asked ” who was that creepy man walking up and down the theater” I told her “one of the managers” Well we had a few words I tried to stay nice and polite. Then she asked  for the owners number. I was writing down the website which had all of the owners information. When all of a sudden she called him a racist. I became furious and pissed. Still trying to be nice, I handed her the paper. I told her he is not a racist and that she didn’t know the whole story. Trying not to start more problems since my father was already dealing with stress of the teenagers from earlier. She then started talking to my dad and started with him. My dad finally blow up, and even offered to give her the newspaper’s number.

My dad doesn’t like to throw people out of the theater none of us do, but apparently people think we do. The owner is always asking us about the complaints he gets. We’ve told him how bad it gets in this town at night time. I’ve not saying where I live is bad. I mean it’s a small country town and I think its beautiful, but at night you don’t see a lot of people out an about late at night, because of how people are in this town.

My parents raised me to not judge because of race and color. I’ve always acknowledged everyone’s race, but always treated everyone the same. My Father is the same way, so when someone calls us a racist of course we are going to take it offensive and get mad. I wish people would stay out of others business. If you don’t know all the facts or story, then just leave it alone and keep your mouth shut.

I’m sorry if you don’t agree with me, and see another side of these situations. I’m not trying to make people mad or say that one race is worse then the others, because they aren’t. I’ve seen all races take things to the extreme. I’m just tired of keeping everything in and this weekend I’ve had enough.

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